Interesting uses of Music: 3

Tibetan singing bowls are beautiful instruments that are extremely easy to use. They are simply bowls that resonate at different pitches depending on the size and shape of the bowl and how the player strokes or strikes the bowl using the baton. The user simply runs a wooden rod around the rim of the bowl or strikes anywhere and sound is created. This could be replicated in a pot or pan that can be used for cooking, letting off a beautiful sound whenever the contents are stirred.  



Interesting uses of Music: 2

‘Tinka Tune’

Tinka-tune takes a very different approach towards music creation. The design interface hopes to create an honest link between the user and music using low-technology and timeless mechanisms. As Phil explains, “The concept’s prototypes focus on designing a musical note with a resonant + adjustable tone, and a simple modular mounting system.” The final design imbibes an educational value of composing music with tactile feedback, aided with color-coordinated keys and a starter song booklet. At the end of the day you get innately creative and visceral musical experience.


This could be a way to teach people recipes or cooking in general in a fun way that is easy to retain. A series of wooden utensils could be made to create specific sounds when struck upon pans etc. It could also be used purely for entertainment, a sort of ‘stomp’ for the kitchen.

Interesting uses of Music: 1

Audible Colour:

magine generating sound using colors instead of any conventional instrument! The Audible Colors project does just that! It is an audio-visual instrument where sound is generated based on the color detected by a web cam connected to a computer. Musical notes correspond to certain colors (red, green and blue). And just like the color wheel, when you mix the primary colors, the secondary colors produce different notes.


This could be replicated with cooking, where the notes are played by recognising certain colours in food. Certain recipes could have their very own song created for them.

Convenient Cooking

The Problem…

Recently more people chose to cook and entertain at home. This may be because it is a more cost effective method or because people want a more relaxed, close-knit environment to entertain in. However this can be a struggle with confined city kitchen spaces, finding time between hectic routines and work schedules, or just the task of trying to entertain and cook at the same time.



I aim to find a way to make cooking an easy and pleasurable task for when you’re entertaining family, friends, or just cooking for one, while hopefully incorporating a musical element. Many cultures describe the creative musical process as “cooking.” I think it is a great analogy, where composing a piece of music could be describes as creating a recipe.