Interesting uses of Music: 2

‘Tinka Tune’

Tinka-tune takes a very different approach towards music creation. The design interface hopes to create an honest link between the user and music using low-technology and timeless mechanisms. As Phil explains, “The concept’s prototypes focus on designing a musical note with a resonant + adjustable tone, and a simple modular mounting system.” The final design imbibes an educational value of composing music with tactile feedback, aided with color-coordinated keys and a starter song booklet. At the end of the day you get innately creative and visceral musical experience.


This could be a way to teach people recipes or cooking in general in a fun way that is easy to retain. A series of wooden utensils could be made to create specific sounds when struck upon pans etc. It could also be used purely for entertainment, a sort of ‘stomp’ for the kitchen.


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