Existing musical cooking

‘For those who think cooking is one of the most boring tasks in the world, here is the ultimate cooking station that will lure you into turning a chef, right away!Taste DJ from designer Fei Zhu strikes the common ‘creativity’ chord among the DJ and Chef’s profession and provides functions that will enable you to take care of your cooking and churning out grinds, simultaneously! The main control desk is equipped with Backward key, push buttons and knobs, by which cooking mode, firepower, micro oven, water, and volume of stereo are controlled. The station also features a powerful multimedia computer system with touch screen panel, so that you can remain connected to the net, do some mixing, look for recipes or check your emails or simply browse the net. And, last and the most important, the station also has a seasoning adding system like DJ DISC Rotating, that will automatically add all the spices just in right amount to perfect your culinary skills. All you need to do is to choose and rotate the seasoning ring, clockwise, the right seasoning would be sprayed into pan from the nozzle. Besides, the luxurious looks are worth lusting for!!’



This is a little extreme and I can’t see many people actually bothering to use this, however there are elements that could be incorporated into a much simpler approach.


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